We the people....

Ok, I'm so nervous I can barely type. I'm so excited that I can barely sit still. I'm counting down the minutes until 11pm, when they close the polls on the West Coast and call California for Barack. I'm dying. I need this to happen.
Let me back up.

We got up and got to the polls at 5:30 this morning. We happily finished voting in time to come home and eat oatmeal for breakfast. On the way to work I booked it to Starbucks to get my free "I Voted" coffee. :) I love free things. We also had plans to go to Ben & Jerry's after work, to get our free I Voted Ice cream.
However, when we got to the Ben & Jerry's on 3rd ave, the line was even longer than it had been to vote this morning. So....we skipped out on the ice cream. And instead, we went to Pommes Frites and had delicious french fries. This does, of course, mean that all I cooked today was Oatmeal. But I'm too excited right now about the prospect of the future of our country to really worry about whether or not I cooked today aside from Oatmeal.


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