IN which we follow up

Well. The taco soup is delish. I had some for lunch today. I've had more for dinner. I think I will second Leah's potential for bathing in it.
However, I'm exhausted so I won't be bathing in it tonight. This morning, I got up and baked muffins to bring in for the birthday breakfast we had for my boss. The muffins were, luckily, a HUGE hit. So huge that I had to pass on the recipe to one of hte other managers. She is a huge fan of these things. My boss literally called me into her office to write the recipe down for her friend (the other manager). She then asked me where the recipe came from. The truth is, I kind of made it up. I took a banana bread recipe, and tweaked it around and swapped the bananas for pumpkin, and the walnuts for chocolate chips, and messed with the seasonings, and the amount of flour and..... basically I created a recipe. I'm kind of proud. I'll post it later, but right now, I'm going to bed because I am le tired. Or at least, going to read "How to Eat" by Nigella in bed. :)

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  1. nigella in bed....that's pretty hot.