Lunchtime Links

Hello there, readership.

I decided that since I usually spend my lunch hour in the pursuit of left overs and ESPN.com, I would today post a few links to food blogs that I thoroughly enjoy.

Feast away::

The Half-Assed Kitchen. Perfect for me, my life, and my readership. She's smart, and not too fussy. It's awesome.

Also, this post from Orangette (does anyone NOT read this girl???) is pretty much making me wish it was still tomato season. Does anyone have a hothouse where they can give me a few tomatoes??? Anyone??? ..... I thought not. Anyways -- Molly got it from Luisa at the Wednesday Chef, but since it's already linked, I don't have to do the double linking thing. Whew.

This isn't actually food related, but I love the pictures of this woman's fridge, and wish it were my own. I wish I was this well-prepared, not to mention that Jesse could y'know, make duck confit and that I had enough zipbags and whatnot to make and freeze that much stock, etc.

That's all I've got for today, but I think that's pretty good for a new section.
Check back sometime next week for another edition of Lunchtime Links!!


  1. Thanks for the link!

  2. It's Angie, from Half Assed Kitchen, by the way.