In which we mix it up

Ok, so part of the beauty of havving a written-down, planned-out menu is that you don't have to think about what you want for dinner. You thought about that a few days ago. You have bigger things to think about. Like.... knitting fuzzy slipper socks for a friend who needs some warmth and love right now. Or building a website. Or thinking up Christmas gifts. Seriously. Better things. Bigger things.

But this week, we kind of lightened up on the whole "weekly menu" thing. We made it on the fly while trying to get our order in before 11pm on Thursday night. I didn't write it down, although I have a pretty good idea of what was supposed to be on it. Burgers Friday, Pork tacos Saturday, Bleu-cheese Stuffed chicken Sunday.... after that, the dishes were sort of malleable and I'm not sure exactly which one was supposed to go with what day. So tonight I gave Jesse a rundown of the choices, and his pick for tonight was macaroni and cheese. Smart boy.
Tonight's roni featured extra sharp New York cheddar, and Cave aged gruyere. Cavatappi pasta.
I learned some things from this roni. I learned that I'm unsure as to the nature of such a strong gruyere and such a strong cheddar dancing together. I'm not sure if it's exactly a happy partnership. I learned that Cavatappi is my new favorite pasta for cheese sauces.... because they're big thick hollow corkscrews, so sometimes you'll get a noodle that's covered in AND filled with cheese sauce..... and it's amazing to have the cheese sauce squeeesh out when you bite. I learned that the Romano cheese I used as the top crust cheese is exactly the kind I should always be using. I learned that Jesse will go out and buy flour for me if I realize right when I should be adding it to the pancetta/shallots to make the roux..... that I'm all out of it.
I think I need to work more on the cheese partnership. Maybe a milder cheddar, or not so strong a Gruyere. Maybe.

It was good though, and now I have to go pick up the needles and get to knittin. But I wanted to keep up. I wanted to not blow the Na No Blo Po Mo Fa So La Ti Do or whatever the acronym is.

So now, time to "click the pricks".... I love old Scottish sayings!!!! :)

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