Monday, Monday

Today, I was a little lazy food-wise. We weren't really sure what the plan was, we hadn't made another grocery order/menu, we were kind of in limbo. So, I had to improvise.

I knew that we would be getting up REALLY early tomorrow to vote, so obviously I didn't want to make something that would take a long time either to cook or to eat. In the end, I opted for breakfast sammiches. They accompanied our television fare of The Daily Show/Colbert Report perfectly. They will also go well with what we watch next - SNL's Presidential Bash!!!! :)

So anyways. Breakfast sammiches. I made Alton Brown's biscuits, and while those were baking and cooling, I fried eggs, and sizzled up some sliced turkey. Then, I split a biscuit for each of us and topped it with a piece of cheese, some sizzled turkey, and the egg.

It wasn't fancy. But it was yummy!!!

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