In which we light it up

It's going to become a muffin situation in here tomorrow, which will carry through the week. Hopefully it'll be a good one. I'll be posting.
But tonight, I saw Quantum of Solace, which I recommend to everyone regardless of whether I know you or not. SEE THE MOVIE. It's good. And Daniel Craig is beyond sexy. But that's not the point of this blog.
I just roasted a pepper on my gas burner. It was a pretty amazing experience. It went so well that i'll probably roast another one if we have pizza guests tomorrow like I'm hoping we will.
I put the pepper on the burner, directly on the gas element, and I turned it round and round. I think tomorrow I might want to broil it instead, but maybe not because I'm not sure I can get it close enough to the heat. I need to find the perfect set of tongs for htis - obviously metal would be ideal (no melting the head of hte tongs) but it gets hot so fast. Maybe metal heads and coated handle? Something?
Someone come up with an idea for me. Please.
For now, I'm going to rinse the skin off my pepper, chop it up, boil some spaghetti, and sautee some spinach in garlic and butter. Probably a shallot if we still have one. And then, I'm going to mix it all together with the spaghetti and add some romano and call it dinner. NOMMMM!!!

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