In which you can call me late to dinner.

After an amazing day at Coney Island, where you bet your ass I rode the Cyclone, AND the Wonder Wheel, AND ate a Nathans' HotDog, Jesse and I came home to a sweltering apartment. It was too hot to do anything. It was too hot to cook. It was too hot.... to live.

After a little while, I made a pie crust, so we could make the quiche that was abandoned on Tuesday night. I was nervous about its worth as a crust, because the butter and shortening definitely went from cold or frozen respectively, to kind of melty pretty fast. I hoped that it would firm up in the fridge.... but it didn't really. It was pretty soft, but since I rolled it out on the plastic wrap, I was able to wrap it around the rolling pin and get it into the pie plate. While it blind baked, I used my customary cooking method for the green beans and asparagus, putting the asparagus in about 1 minute before the green beans. I threw them all into a bowl of water in the fridge.

I was also chopping up a clove of garlic and half a red pepper. I sliced the asparagus and green beans, and sauteed them with the garlic, the pepper, and some butter, olive oil, salt, and pepper. I didn't want them mushy, I just wanted them flavored, and I wanted to be able to chew the asparagus. So, after they were quickly cooked, I took them out to cool while I whipped up the eggs and cream. Then, I pulled hte crust, took off the foil and beans (which were in there to weight down the crust while it cooked, so it didn't puff. If I'd left the crust raw, it would've been mushy at best and it would've taken longer than the eggs to cook. Big mess) and poured in the batter, as well as a healthy dose of gorgonzola crumbles. It baked for about 25 minutes, and then I took it out to cool a bit. During the cooling, a thunderstorm happened!!!

I ran into our room to look at it, and ended up falling asleep. Before I'd eaten. That's right. I definitely slept through dinner. Granted, it was already 10 PM. But still. I slept through to this morning. I guess that's what I needed, but I'm still really tired. Strange. And it's still too hot to cook. Rough.

Anyways. Jesse said the quiche was delicious. I had a piece this morning for breakfast. It was inspired. And I just had a piece cold out of the fridge because I am hungry but don't want to turn on the stove. Deeelish. :)

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  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    quiche is the perfect any hour of the day food. i'll also throw chocolate chip cookies in that genre. -leah