In which we are Souper Powered

So since we're moving, and trying to dirty as few dishes as possible, and since we don't have any appliances at the new place, and won't for an indeterminate amount of time.... food has been pretty lax of late.
Wednesday night, we made the pizza I'd planned on making Tuesday night but gotten home too late. Unfortunately, the mozzarella we bought got left on the table overnight, and since our apartment is a sauna, this lead to it becoming a semi-melted, oily blob. Not good eats. So we used Jack cheese instead, left over from the Cheesy Chips from the NBA Finals last week. Also, red-pepper pesto, green peppers, and Kalamata olives. It was pretty damn delicious.
Last night, we ordered pizza, with pepperoni and green peppers, and ate it off paper towels or with our hands, because every dish in the apartment (roughly) was still dirty.
Tonight, we had soup and grilled cheese -- hence the Souper Powers. It wasn't great -- the soup was weird, and made with sweet-corn, which it didn't say on the label. However, we used up the whole container, which is nice because that reduces the waste.

Tomorrow, we'll have pasta, cooked in my Dutch oven and eaten out of the ugly greenish brown soup plates that I'm giving away. Sunday, I have no idea what we'll eat, since we'll be moving more stuff, after a trip to Jersey to Ikea, and we'll have no stove or fridge.

And Monday...

Monday I'll probably order pizza, and eat it alone in my empty apartment, as I clean it out and scrub up all the mouse poop and spackle the holes and clean the toilet/bathtub, and throw out the last trash.

And Tuesday, hopefully, we'll be in. Appliances, bars on the windows, locks on the doors, in. Preferably paint on the walls. But if not, it'll come.

My parents will come down on Friday, bringing my dog and my grill. My mom tried to convince Jesse that a charcoal chimney was not the way to go -- rather, she advocates buying single-use bags of charcoal that you just...light on fire.
We'll take it under advisement, but I think that we'll probably stick to big bags of hardwood charcoal and a chimbly.

And by then, hopefully, life will be in swing. Comfortable, even swing.

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