In which we get a rant.

Ok. There are many things I love in my life, and a few things that I hate. I hate being so tired that my head nods unbidden I hate that I accidentally knocked my French Press off the kitchen table about 40 minutes ago while trying to spread out pizza dough, smashing it into pieces and cutting my hand twice in the process. I hate asshole members of RedSox Nation who chant "Yankees Suck" even still, especially in venues not involving the Yankees. For example, the jackass in the Sox hat last night at Cheap Shots yelling at the bartender that the Yankees sucked. You make me look bad. Also, when you're in Tampa Bay, don't start a Yankees Such chant. Especially if you're in Tampa Bay for a Patriots Game!!!!!

And then, I hate my apartment's stove. I hate it for many reasons. The most basic is that its cooktop is tiny. Its 4 burners just don't have enough space to breathe. Also, even when I turn the smallest burner on the lowest setting, it's still enough flame to scorch chili onto the bottom of my stockpot. That's just goddamned ridiculous. Furthermore, the floor is not even in my apartment, and the super couldn't be bothered to level out the stove, so it's not even. It tilts toward the front. Which means that stuff doesn't cook evenly. Also also, its oven is very flimsy. And it makes the room INCREDIBLY hot. Basically, I hate this stove. I also hate the lack of counter space in my kitchen. I cannot WAIT until we move. I cannot wait until I have a corner sink, and a hood with a fan, and another fan in the kitchen too.... I cannot wait for counter space. I cannot wait for a level floor and cabinets, and a kitchen that's up to regulations. As much as I love who is here.... I do not love this kitchen.

I also kind of hate working till midnight because my nanny bosses work in the food industry and "11:30" is a malleable concept. But I kind of like it because Jesse and I get to engage in "bistro dining", aka eating after midnight, because on Saturday nights, I get home wired, and cook. This is relevant, I swear. Also our dining plan got screwed up this week, with all the lease-signing/going out for Burgers and fries at Dumont Burger, going to see the Sex and The City Movie/going out after ness, and the "new apartment not being ready yet" ness. So basically, tonight we made Wednesday night's planned dinner, since we ate at Dumont Burger and tomorrow, we'll make Friday's planned dinner. Which means that today, we made pizza with tomatoes, goat cheese, olives,garlic, shallots, and parmesan. And I'm just starting to eat it now, at 2:16am.

Jesse made another stellar crust, while I was finishing up at and traveling home from work. When I got home, I stretched it and flattened it out, and the french press smashing ensued.... and then I finally got it set up and docked (which means I poked holes in the part that the toppings would be on, so it didn't puff up too much.) and started by sprinkling some parmesan on it. Then, I added sliced tomatoes, goat cheese, and whole black olives. Then, in a moment of inspiration, I added smashed garlic cloves, and a sliced shallot. Then, more parmesan. I baked at about 425... and it was DEEEEELICIOUS!!!! And kind of pretty.
Here it is cooking. The crust always ends up really thick on my pizzas. Apparently I didn't learn enough as a pizza wench back in high school -- I don't know how to stretch a pizza properly. I'll have to learn.

Anyways. It came out beautifully, and I was really happy about it. I love tasty food, and these flavors rocked out with their stuff out. It was nommy!!!!
Yaaaay pizza!
Hopefully, tomorrow, I will post photos of my nommy mac & cheese, so you can all see what I mean when I cook it. Hee. You should be happy.

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  1. Wait - stop - where is the pizza dough recipe??

    Don't tease like that.

    Also, so sorry for the loss of your French press. I broke TWO of them, in quick succession, while trying to wash them. Slippery little suckers when wet.