In which I rock out with my Quinoa out.

Last night, I made some yummy steak.

I love making steak. Last week's endeavor with the flank steak went so well that I decided to essentially replicate it, with a skirt steak. Let's make the note now that a skirt steak is even thinner and even fattier than a flank steak, and I didn't notice that in time to adjust my methods.

I started out by marinating my steak -- I used salt, pepper, my uncle's "dry rub", which is basically onion and garlic powders, as well as thyme, rosemary, and possibly something else... and I added red pepper flake, which I love. I rubbed all this into my steak, and then put it in a Ziploc bag, with olive oil and a little Worcestershire.

Then, I let that sit, in the fridge, while I cooked up the other "mixed grains" packet that had caughtmy fancy at Trader Joe's on Wednesday night. I mixed that with some vinaigrette that I made with too much mustard, white balsamic, olive oil salt and pepper.

While that was hanging out in the fridge, I got out my trusty Lodge griddle pan, which is flat on one side, ridged on the other, and 100% cast-iron. It's heavy as hell, and a wonderful piece of equipment. I highly recommend it, and it's seen its fair share of use this weekend, between pancakes x2, and the steak. Here are some action shots:

It probably cooked for about a minute and a half too long, which isn't sacrelige, but it definitely comes close. I like my meat on the bloody side of medium rare, as I've said before, and I'd say about 3 minutes per side should have been fine. I did 4 on the first side, 3 on the second, and I think I would've been happier if I'd cut it back. But anyways.... I let it rest for about the same amount of time that I'd cooked it, hoping that it would stay really really juicy and the like. And it did, sort of. Anyways, I was happy because the flavors in the marinade mirrored the flavors in the vinaigrette, and that's really all I'm looking for - flavors that go together.
I brightened up the couscous/Quinoa/Orzo mix with some Key Lime juice, from real Key Limes that I'd thought about making a pie with - but seeing how little juice you get out, I've decided that they're better in their purest format -- shoved down the neck of a Corona.

Until next time, kids -- keep eating, and check out the fact that one post back, Zak from Schmaltz brewing commented!!! If you're in the city, or have access to his beer, get some, and I'm not just saying this so he'll find out I linked him again and read/comment more. (At least, not TOTALLY!)

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