In which, yet again, I've fallen behind.

I admit it. I have recently lost my habit of blogging as things happen. I'm sorry, readership (all 4 of you). I will do better.

On Sunday, I did not make Macaroni Cheese. This is because it was hotter than bejeepers on Sunday. SO, instead, I made mussels steamed in white wine, the recipe for which, complete with photos, you can find.... here. Jesse and I ate on our roof, looked at the sunset, looked at Brooklyn, took some pictures, drank some wine, and generally were.... happy. I'll post photos probably tomorrow night. It was wonderful.

Me in my natural habitat The View.

And, the reason I cook at all: Us:

Monday night, I did make macaroni and cheese. And I did photograph most of it. I'm going to post pictures of this as well, with small descriptions, so you all know what went down.

And here they are!!!!

Step 1). Saute chopped-up pancetta, and shallot in a little olive oil:

Step 2). Add a little more olive oil to the pancetta/onion, then add some flour to make a roux that looks like this:

Step 3). Add the chicken stock and milk/cream combination outlined in my earlier RoniCheese post, to get something that looks like this:

Step 4). Have your boyfriend grate the cheese:

Step 5). Add the cheese to the cream sauce once it starts to bubble

Step 6). When pasta is done cooking, add it to the sauce and stir it around before pouring it into a baking pan:
Then, put the pasta under the broiler after you sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and grated parmesan, until it looks like so:
and.... Mangia!!!

Tuesday night, we cleaned. Jesse, K and I cleaned up the common spaces of our apartment after we grocery shopped, so that we could start the packing and the moving mindset (our lease ends on the 30th). It took a while, so we just reheated the roni cheese from Monday night. Still yummbly.

Last night, I made salmon and string beans. This salmon is probably the weirdest recipe I'd ever heard of, courtesy of my mother. We once had a bag of frozen salmon filets from Costco. They were beautiful, and one hot summer night while I was home from college, we decided to eat them. I didn't have any idea how to cook salmon, and the only way my mom could think of was to slather the top with mayonnaise, sprinkle it with dill, wrap it in foil, and bake it for 18-20 minutes. I'll admit, freely and openly, that I was grossed out by the theory. I eat as little mayonnaise as possible.
But, we did it, and this was amazing. It's been a go-to for me. I've varied it with a vinaigrette, with just olive oil, dill, and lemon, lots of ways. Basically.... I love this preparation.
So, last night, we made it. And I cooked string beans the best way I know how -- throw them in simmering salty water for about 2 minutes, 3 at most, and then pull them right out and throw them in an ice water bath. Along with keeping them green, this also keeps them crispy, because it stops the cooking. It's the best and only way to cook fresh green beans, in my humble opinion. Then again, I have a vendetta against a mushy vegetable.... so don't take my word for it.

But.... it was teh noms.

Tonight, I planned something although I wasn't sure if I'd be home or not... it's my nanny boss's last night of chef school, and there was some talk of the other babysitter covering tonight.

Alas, this is not the case.

However. That means that tomorrow, we can basically have tonight's dinner AND tomorrow's dinner. Tonight, we were meant to have marinated flank steak and my potato salad. Tomorrow... gorgonzola & walnut pasta. NOW, we can have both!! Tomorrow!! Yay!!!

Stay tuned.

Also, I'd like to take this quick break to announce a couple things.
1). I'm moving over the course of this month, so I think that the entries for a while might just be a few photos and a quick desription. I'll maybe come back later to edit and write about the recipes.
2). You'll all get to see pictures of my new kitchen, complete with built-in wine rack above the fridge, as soon as we move in.
3). I WILL BE THE PROUD OWNER OF A GRILL FOR MY BACK YARD!!!! It's at my parents' house. My dad is painting it green for me, and maybe making me a table.... with wheels possibly. YAAAAYYY!!! Be prepared for all the misadventures that come when this girl tries to lite her grill with the chimbly for the first time. Also, this is a Brooklyn back yard, so no comments from all you suburbans with your acres of grassland, m'kay???
4). Let's all take a moment to send some vibes of comfort, love, and happy-- the likes of which you get from a yummy comfort food -- to one of my most awesomest readers. Thanks all.


  1. Gorgonzola and walnut pasta? Bring it on!

    Also, we're going to do a charcoal grill primer. Just for you. :-)

    Congrats on the new digs - sounds exciting!

  2. Anonymous11:55 PM

    you are a sweetheart. and you need your own show..."johanna grills" i can see it now! -leah