In which I REALLY break tradition

Actually, I suppose I sort of kept a tradition. Also, yes, I am blogging at quarter to eight in the morning. Don't ask questions.

On Tuesday night, in case some of you missed it, the Boston Celtics clinched the NBA Finals. They gleefully stomped on the Lakers for about 3 hours, and Jesse and I watched the whole thing! Well, except for the parts where I was preparing food, or getting beers. And because I was feeling saucy, I decided I would try and recreate my Superbowl feast, at least the best bits, for two. I also wore my Wes Welker jersey, which I still say is good luck, even though I wore it during the Patriots' disastrous Super Bowl game.
It's funny -- I sat in our apartment, shaking wtih joy and fear during the World Series, never 100% sure the Sox would win. I made a bunch of food and ended up having several people over for the Super Bowl, never 100% sure the Pats would lose. Because in my lifetime, the Red Sox have screwed up bigtime, and the Pats have just been awesome since they started winning in the 2000's. But the Celtics? I didn't know what to expect with this game, since all my life they've just.... kind of sucked, barring the first 2 years (3 championships?) of my life. I didn't have a frame of reference.
So I made guacamole and cheesy chips (aka tortilla chips with cheese sprinkled over, broiled) for the first half, and while doing that I started making Alton Brown's Buffalo Wing recipe, which basically takes about 2 hours to make and is SO worth it. Especially since I started it about 20 minutes before tip off, and we had wings for the second half. Basically, I created most males' (and several girls I know)sports fantasy - chips, wings, and beer, while watching the NBA Finals at my house with my boyfriend.


And the wings were deelish as always. Alton doesn't let me down.

And last night, I re-made my Penne Alla Vodka with Chicken Meatballs, only this time I used turkey. And I didn't have any fresh parsley to hand, which probably lessened my joy a little bit. But it was still pretty good.

And tonight, the plan is to have a salad with pieces of seared tuna on top after we get home from Blind Tiger, where we will hopefully meet Zak from Schmaltz and have some Coney Island Beer!!!


  1. I love the penne. Given the new information we accrued this morning, though, I wonder if it might have been better with different cream.

    The stuff we have freaks me out.

  2. Your basketball-watching feast sounds delicious, but I really have to comment on something else: do you realize how lucky you Boston people are??? I have yet to see a Philly sports team win a championship in my LIFETIME...that's 24 years if you're keeping score. Not even Smarty Jones could pull through for us. How come you guys win everything? Boo hoo. Crying over. Back to enjoying the facts that the Phillies are two games ahead in the NL East standings and the Mets are imploding as I type this! Ah, there's really nothing better.

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    a 2 hour wing recipie!? you are so patient. and i want to know how you stay so svelte with all that yummy food and drinking. good genes? :) -leah

  4. I'm bummed that I missed out on the nommie wings.
    I'm also bummed that in the last year you got to see two of your teams win the championship.
    However, the penne was amazing, as it was last time. I agree the the parsley makes a difference but not a "wow, this dish was ruined by the lack of parsley" kind of way.
    See you at Blind Tiger tonight.