In which we get a feeble excuse.

I haven't been posting. I could chalk it up to being sick, but I only got sick yesterday, and I'm worse today. Mope.

The cassoulet was pretty good, although when it first came out it was kind of bland. It set up and was pretty delicious.

Saturday, we didn't eat together, because we each had plans that night.

Sunday, I made biscuits and fried chicken. The biscuits were heavenly. THey were heavenly. Light, flaky, airy, they were delicious. You'd think I was southern. But.... I'm not.

The fried chicken wasn't as great as it always is, but it was still pretty good. SOmething was just off. I'm not sure if it was the preparation or what, but something just wasn't as awesome as usual. I'm not disappointed though, because the biscuits were so bangin', it makes up for it.

Today, we were supposed to go grocery shopping because I'm supposed to work tomorrow night, but I'm so sick that I couldn't work with the baby tonight. In fact, I came home after work and crashed. So, I ordered from Fresh Direct, and was able to reasonably replicate the dinner we had planned for tonight. Tomorrow should be salvageable too, since it's left-overs. Hopefully by the time Wednesday rolls around, I'll be able to taste, so I'll be able to cook.

Also, until I'm able write about my cooking (and sense of taste) again, watch this and marvel:

It's hot. I promise.

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