In which everything is Gnocchi-Dokie!!

Today was a great day.

I spent the morning getting brunch-drunk with some friends, the rest of the day walking around the city with my wonderful roommate, and the night making dinner for friends.
There's nothing I like better.

I made Gnocchi from a recipe in Food & Wine. I've never made gnocchi before and I'm not going to lie - it wasn't perfect. But it was pretty good. They were a little mushier than I was hoping, and I think that was a combination of not drying the potatoes out enough, pureeing them too much (I got lazy and decided that I would puree them in the blender. Bad call), and not adding enough flour. I'll not make that mistake again. I was just afraid of them being too tough. It's probably a common bread-baker's fear. Anyways. I didn't add the whole 3/4 cup of flour, because it seemed to have come together. I know better now. Next time, no problems. Maybe.

Anyways. I cooked for Jesse, my roomie Kristin, and our friends Steele and Laura. Along with the gnocchi, I made a combination of Chicken francese, and chicken marsala. Basically, it was thin-pounded chicken breasts, dredged in egg and flour, browned in oil and butter. I added sliced cremini mushrooms, and removed the chicken breasts. Then, I poured in some white wine, and some more butter. The pan sauce was fabulous. I put the chicken back in, covered it, and put it on low. Then, I sauteed the boiled gnocchi, heated up the sauce, and served.

Kristin took a picture of her plate, the first one I plated, which I'm about to show you all:

The Gnocchi should have been browned more. But they still tasted ok, and I think everybody got a few that had the perfect texture. I certainly did.

Everybody thought they were delicious, which was nice.

Even Bruno:

He jumped onto my lap to lick my plate.

Clearly, it was nommy even though it wasn't perfect.

But at least there's room for improvement. Next time.

IN fact, let's go with until next time....
In which we start all over again.


  1. Congrats on the gnocchi! I've never even attempted it. So many steps...I just throw my hands up. I think I must be a pretty lazy cook.

  2. Comment attempt part two. (You might have noticed that I deleted the first attempt. It's because of bad grammar/spelling that led to a nonsensical post.)
    Anyway, I know you weren't super happy with the gnocchi but I want to say, for the record, they were yummy. But you won't hear any objections if you decide you need to improve them. Generally, I enjoy when you experiment and improve. Works out pretty well as far as I'm concerned. =D

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    PICTURES!!! -leah