In which I remember what I planned to make for dinner tonight!!!

One of the pitfalls of having a plan for dinner every night is that sometimes, you forget what you were meant to be making for dinner that night. Especially when it's Thursday, and you made the menu on Sunday night, when you were on the verge of a massive head cold. I barely remember Sunday night.

Anyways, tonight's menu was Chicken Pot Pie.

Because I'm sick, and I knew I'd have to nanny tonight, and I knew my nanny boss would not be true to her word and try to get out early from class (she doesn't remember little things like.... her daughter got her nanny sick, so keeping them together when they're tired, maybe not a good idea), so I asked my boyfriend to do some of the beginning steps, that would be easy-ish, but time consuming when arriving home from work at 9pm.
*Quick sidenote about my boyfriend - he's a very smart guy and by his own admission, he used to be a very competent cook. However, as a result of living with excellent cooks for nearly the last ten years, he hasn't ever....had to cook. So, he has lost his confidence. Tragically.*

So, I asked him to poach chicken breasts for me, and to make the pie crusts. I was pretty sure that I could fix any mistakes he made on the crusts (which are notoriously fiddly, and based on feel, rather than on precision measurement), and if it was a total wash, which I wasn't expecting, I could whip new ones together and not let them rest in the fridge. I left him specific instructions, and he complied with them.

I came home to find that he had only completed one crust, which makes sense when making your first crust, I suppose. He cranked out the second one within 15 minutes, though, and they hit the fridge while I made the rest of the components (namely, sauteeing a diced shallot, a box of frozen veggies, and 5 sliced crimini mushrooms in butter, adding worcestershire, rosemary, and poultry seasoning, and then making a cheesey bechamel sauce into which the chicken and veggies were mixed).

When I rolled out the first crust, I realised it had gone perfectly. Perfectly.

The second was not so lucky, but it was only a bit dry. And frankly, a bit dry is WAY better than gummy or too wet. So I patchworked it onto the pie, sprinkled it with cheese, and set it in to bake.

It's delicious.

Freaking delicious.

If I wasn't more interested in going to sleep than in anything else, I'd probably eat more now. I'd definitely eat some for breakfast tomorrow, but I will be too busy running from the shower at 7:10 back to my bed for 20 more minutes' sleep while my roomie is in the shower.


So, until next time,
In which we steak a claim!!! (see what I did there?)
In which Joh tries to not burn down the kitchen broiling steaks.

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  1. That chicken pie sounds divine! Thanks for dropping by --