In which we experience the Risott-Ohhhhh Face

I made risotto tonight. I'm pretty darn good at making risotto. It's yum-tastic.
Tonight, I made risotto with spinach, mushrooms and gorgonzola. Even better than yum-tastic.

Basically, since I haven't been able to taste much, I've been kind of disappointed and disheartened about cooking. Plus, for as grateful as my boyfriend is about my cooking, my roommate still takes for granted that I'm cooking dinner for her every night for free.

Tonight, I sucked it up and made the risotto. These flavors are so strong, I figured I couldn't miss them. Stupid sickies.

I sliced up cremini mushrooms, and sauteed them in butter and garlic. Once they were soft and lovely, I added salt, pepper, and a few handfuls of baby spinach. I sauteed that too, briefly, and moved the lot to a bowl to cool down.

While all that was going on, I heated up the chicken stock. About 4 cups, plus a cup or so of water. I also chopped up a few cloves of garlic and a shallot. A big shallot. Sweat them in butter for a few minutes, with a pinch of salt, while measuring out 2 cups of Arborio rice. Throw the rice in the pot and stir it around for 2 or 3 mintues. It should go from looking white, to looking clear. NOT BROWN. NO BROWN. BROWN IS BAD!!!!

Add lemon juice or a glass of wine. I'd say from my experience, lemon juice is better. Then, add ladlefuls of hot stock, one at a time, with a pinch of salt, and once the liquid evaporates into the rice, add the next ladleful of stock. Turn the heat down all the way, as low as it can get.

Keep ladling in the stock until it's all gone. With the last ladleful, throw in a lump of butter. Mix it in, then grab the bowl of mushrooms and spinach. Stir that in, and get your Gorgonzola crumbles. Add about a handful, or more if you want more. Taste taste taste, and then serve. Eat. Smiiiile.

My boyfriend made his "mmmmm" face, the face that's the reason I cook, when I made this for him tonight. I've re-named this face the "Risott-ohhhhh" face. Like the Oh face guy from Office Space. Y'know, Oh!??


And on that note, we close. Until next time,
In which we remember what Thursday night's planned dinner is.

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  1. What a great combination of flavors that must be. Yum indeed.