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No really. I mean it. Read this.

I'm afraid this is the next place where crazy stage parents will take their kids - cooking lessons/online cooking shows. Watch the "In the Big Kitchen With Food" thing - just watch how this kid uses a food processor. My food processor's shredding blade came with orange tape over it that said "WARNING THIS BLADE IS SUPER SHARP AND WILL CUT YOU." I was afraid to use it for a while. I'm still very ginger when I handle it. This kid is smashing zucchini into it. I'm terrified for his fingers the entire time - all it takes is one slip, and the foodpro tips over and the blade flies out and slices him.

Also - mom is whispering cues from off-camera. Why are you doing this to your kid?!?!?!

Seriously. Take off the "stage parent" pants and just let your kid be a kid. Let him help you bake cookies and accidentally drop the eggshells in - just wash your eggs first. But don't try and increase his palate or her palate when they have no capacity for it.

And please. No kid really understands the subtleties of foods. I wish they did. But they are pretty much just parroting you back to you. I promise.



  1. Oh LOVELY. What is wrong with parents? Kids physically don't have developed palettes. The end.

    Did I ever show you my knife scars? Sigh. I learn the hard way.

  2. @marigold: She learns the hard way too.

  3. Have you read this? It's so sad. This kid seems so lonely...