Oh Laurie Colwin...

I'm sitting on the couch, post-hot yoga, and it occurs to me that I definitely missed out on one of the finest things about living alone, when I lived on my own.
Eating whatever weird shit you want, without worrying about feeding it to others.

I'm currently eating about 4 spoonfuls of cold rice, with left-over aji verde from Pio Pio, mixed in. It's delicious. It's amazing. I'm sad there's not that much rice left, not that much aji verde left. I'm holding until Jesse gets home, so I can make a pizza. But for now, I'm eating rice with aji verde.

I remember being ashamed about eating those boxed noodle soups by Taste of Thai. I should have just enjoyed it. You are only 22 and single and living alone in New York for a finite amount of time. And that means eating Lucky Charms for breakfast, eating Salsita Chipotle on everything, eating boxed noodle soups and boxed risotto if you really want to. And making wonderful things when you want to, but still. I never got to indulge the ridiculous side of me who loves to eat salad with hot sauce, anything wtih balsamic vinaigrette on it, loves anything ramen-esque (but not ramen) and will eat anything as long as there are scrambled or fried eggs involved. Or cheese. I'll eat anything cheese-related.

But now, I think about wholesome foods, or at least foods that I can feed to someone else without worrying that he'll die of malnutrition. Like I won't make the delicious french fries with cheese and gravy and roasted garlic that I found on Serious Eats until we're both exercising. Even though let's face it, that sounds like heaven.....


It is now time to wait, and to make real dinner when I can. nom.


  1. Why is it that we feel guilty for eating "weird" food?? It's good! Go with it! Maybe Jesse will learn to love hot salad and cheese dipped in balsamic ;)

  2. There are only so many times I can tell you that you can make whatever you want, including a fried egg salad with a Salsita Chipotle vinaigrette served over dry Thai noodles.

  3. my "weird" isn't so wierd. but i love a bowl of ice cream with cereal on it. corn flakes are the best but any works. add some chocolate sauce. heaven! and yes, hot sauce or salsa...heck... tomato based condiments on anything.

  4. @Jesse: No, no I can't. Honestly, I could not in good conscience feed you the bullshit that I want to eat some days. I feel badly enough cooking fried food or using canned pizza crust. I can't make you boxed soup noodles. No way. SOrry homeboy. :) although that mac & cheese that comes in the blue box is still in. Mmmmm sodium. :)

  5. @Joh: I swear to god, you're impossible. I lived for a year on cheese and pita chips. You could not conceivably feed me worse than that!