Apparently I obsess.

I DID make Carbonara last night. It was just about as good as usual - I wish we'd had a different cut of pasta though. I really favor Orechiette in my carbonara, although everyone else says either penne or linguine. Screw them. Someday (maybe tonight) I'll post the step-by-step. But really, how much do you need to know about Boil Pasta. Crisp Bacon. Sautee lots of garlic, red pepper flake and shallot with bacon, add stock/wine, add pasta, egg yolks and pasta water ,eat as much as quickly as possible.
I mean, other than knowing that vegetarians and vegans are screwed -- there's absolutely no way to make this without animal products or bacon. So people who keep Kosher are screwed too. Sorry guys, I'm usually more sensitive.
Last night I was browsing Tastemakers (I think - I have the site bookmarked, I'll link tonight) and they had a post/picture of an Indian Potato Soup - with curry, coconut milk, potatoes..... and I nearly swooned.
Today, I was perusing the menu at Hale & Hearty Soup, and saw Mulligatawny!!! Glee!!!! So of course I ordered some and devoured it. Out of sheer glee. And while reading last night, and eating today, I kind of got to wondering whether I could add puree'd pumpkin to a curry-flavored soup... because mashed potatoes and mashed butternut squash have similar textures, and pumpkin is a similar COLOR to butternut squash and.... you can see where I went.
Then, after eating my delicious, creamy orangey mulligatawny soup.... I'm totally hooked. I'm totally figuring out how to make Mulligatawny soup and add pumpkin into it and just be..... happy.
Poor Jesse. Hope he likes orange.


  1. The meatitarians are loving it, though, I'm sure..
    Indian Potato Soup....I NEED TO TRY IT.

  2. I thought Mulligatawny was a place in Dr. Suess'
    "If I Ran The Zoo"! Silly me. All sounds yummy though!

  3. you know, my carbonara doesn't call for garlic or shallots. it's pretty much the only thing i make without garlic. but since you've consented i plan to add it to mine tonight. yarms! (yarms= mega awesomely yum)