Woohoo!!! Celebrate!!

This is my 100th post.
Just so we're clear on this. That's huge. Because that means that roughly every 3-4 days since I started this blog, I've posted food talkings or food ramblings or recipes. That's a lot more frequently than I talk to my mom, a lot more frequently than I hang out with most of my friends, a lot more frequently than I keep track of putting my clothes away after work.

In celebration:
No, I did not take this in a chip shop. Not even in Chip Shop. This was taken in my own apartment, on my plate, a picture of fish, and chips, that I cooked in my kitchen.
Trust me when I say this. It is worth the effort. It is worth the lingering scent of frying. It is worth the small grease burns I received. The only way it would have been better is if I had let it drain properly, possibly if I had floured before dredging. But basically.... this was fantastic. Delicious. Frying potatoes is worth the time. Frying the fish is absolutely fantastic. The recipe I used wasn't really a recipe. I used 2 cups of flour, salt, pepper, a beer, and buttermilk. Basically, I poured in the beer, the batter looked like a dough, so I added buttermilk until it looked like thin pancake batter. Then, I dunked the tilapia filets, and dropped then in some 375-degree vegetable oil until they were golden brown. About 5 minutes. Tilapia cooks quickly. It's delicious.
The potatoes I sliced about a quarter-inch thick, and then cut them into fries. I fried them for 10 minutes, salted them, and left them to drain on a sheet of paper bag in the oven in a 225 degree oven afterwords.
The whole thing was dleicious with some HP Brown sauce and another Toasted Lager or two. The grease hangover will come. But for now... I am totally happy that I undertook this as my hundredth post.
Tonight, it will be fried chicken. NOT deep-fried. Just my traditional way. Maybe for post 101, I'll photograph the whole process, so you can see what I do and why my fried chicken is so good that my Oklahoma-born boyfriend requests it and calls it the best he's ever had. (He could be just being nice, but he's not like that. Seriously.)
Stay tuned!!

*EDIT* Blogger lied. This is not my 100th post, but my 96th post. Harrumph. Apparently, they count "drafts" as "posts". Even the abandoned ones that are nothing more than a title. So... I lied. But not really. We'll just celebrate again on my ACTUAL 100th post. So there!!


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

    i fried fish this week, too. it was a week for grease, non? here's to brown rice and veggies! -leah

  2. Congrats anyway! Damn Blogger.

    For the record, I fry at home less than once a year but when I do, it is SO worth it.

    Now I'm craving fried things. (thanks! ha!)