Full disclosure part deux

I'm not, honestly, 100% sure what I just ate for dinner. I mean, I know what the elements of the food were. I know what went into my food, so empirically, I do know what I ate for dinner.

But knowing what went INTO a dish isn't the same as knowing what the dish......is.
Let me explain, before you all stop reading.

Last night, Jesse and I went out for Restaurant week. I think I've written about restaurant week before, but in case you're just picking me up, here's the jist: NYC loves their restaurants. New York knows that restaurants are expensive. So, to thank the New York faithful who continue to pay tons of money for the pleasure of eating fancy food, the New York restaurants pick a 12-day period in January, and again at the end of July, where fancy famous restaurants offer fixed-price 3-course menus at lunch and dinner.
In the past, we have gone to Steak Frites, Aspen, and Butter. This year, we went to Zoe. It was delicious. I need to give this place its own blog, but regardles, I have to discuss the mussels that I had as a starter. They were steamed in a red curry coconut broth. The broth would have been a fabulous soup all on its own. In fact, when I replicate it, I will serve it with rice and make it a soup. I will make it soup without the mussels. The coconut milk and red curry paste were so perfect, and I've only ever had mussels steamed in white wine, so it was pretty different for me. But it was delicious. I would have eaten just the mussels all night. But, fortunately, we also had delicious entrees and paradigm-shifting desserts. Life is good.

However, Jesse has either come down with a stomach bug, or contracted a mild something-or-other from the restaurant. So he is not eating. I therefore had to fend for myself.
As I've previously stated, I'm not big on cooking for one. Unless that one is Jesse, or someone else that I love. I'm not so good at cooking for just me. I'll usually just make a big plate of spinach and call it a salad, or scramble an egg, or make a grilled cheese if I'm feeling fancy. I'm clearly not very good at taking care of myself. But, tonight I was also starving, and basically needed some food.

So I made.... something.
I started out simple. Hashbrowns. Basically an excuse to eat 2 leetle red potatoes - I have no shame.

Then, I steamed the left-overs of a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables, and melted some butter in a frying pan. I threw 1/4 of a cup of rice in, stired it around a bit, and then added a can of Muir Glen fire-roasted diced tomatoes with green chiles. I added about half a cup of chicken stock, and let it simmer away. I added probably another half-cup of chicken stock over the cooking, until the rice was cooked. Then I stirred in the steamed formerly-frozen veggies, and a whole ton of shredded "taco" cheese.
I put a couple fried eggs and some more cheese on top. I ate it. It was yummy. It wasn't a casserole. With beans it could have been huevos rancheros sans tortillas. With chicken, and baked, it would have been a casserole. My original idea was to make it a scramble, but we only had 2 eggs and that would have been dwarfed by the quantity of other stuff.
I'm going to be eating it tomorrow for lunch, hopefully.

Hopefully Jesse will be feeling better by tomorrow. Because I don't like ie when my love is sick. And of course I don't like cooking for one.

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  1. i don't know what you ate either...yet i can picture it. foodmindfck! looking forward to hashbrowns/eggs/stirfry/rice/random at your casa!