In which I cook to help myself will the Red Sox into the ALCS

Basically, I'm stressin. The Sox lost last night. They need to win tonight, because I don't wan them to have to go back to Anaheim or LA or wherever the hell the Angels' stadium is....meh.
I don't want to type too long because I'm afraid that it'll upset the balance, so here's some pictures instead:
Fried Pickles... Yer doin' it right!! See?

God Bless Heinz Dill Pickle chips.

Ain't no thing but Alton Brown's chicken wings.

Also, big shout out to Jon Lester, Dusty P is still my boy, and stupid grocery store, eff you for only including one drummette in the package of chicken wings. But big ups for stocking Heinz pickles.

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  1. this looks like perfection! not a vegetable in sight. wait. are pickles vegetables? :)