In which we hit perfection.

Hi folks.
I have returned to the blogosphere!!!

Since I last gorged on photos, I have indeed cooked. McDonalds has not infested my life. We're still good. We just happen to have had a few crazy weeks, a lot of weekends spent not at home, or not home much, and as such, no really regular shopping or cooking. BUT, cooking has happened. We had burgers one night, I made mussels with my family at Cape Cod, grilled pizzas with family and friends at my parents' house the weekend before.... I've made risotto and soup and chicken marsala. Two nights ago, I had a huge craving for fried eggplant rounds, but couldn't for the life of me remember to buy eggs.... so we didn't have fried eggplant rounds. But I did master falafel, finally.
Now, this was my style falafel. AKA, not what you find in your local Falafel spot. I shape them into patties and I don't deep-fry, and I've come to believe via the evidence on Tuesday night that self-rising flour is indeed the best method for making falafel (I use it as a binder, and to coat the patties before frying.) -- I've tried bread crumbs of all ilks, seasoned, unseasoned, panko, fresh, whatever, but self-rising flour does everything better, and without compromising the texture, which is what I like second-best about my falafel. Basically, I'm really proud of these.
2 cans chickpeas - smash them with a potato masher.
About a tablespoon of minced onion - I reconstituted dried, because I had it for dip and had a little left over.
A minced clove of garlic, I think.
Cumin, Garam Masala, Curry Powder, Tumeric, Chili Powder, Salt.
A few sprinkles (probably 3 tbs total) self-rising flour.
A little water (only if it dries out.)

Smash, mash, and mix all the above ingredients together, and heat your oil (I used almond oil because it's good for high-heat cooking. Pick your fave) in your skillet.
When a little flour fries on contact, form the first patty, and pat it gently into some extra flour. Use a spatula to put it into the oil, because the oil will splatter and give you grease burns otherwise.
Put down a few more, depending on how big your skillet is and how much your stove tilts one way or the other. Don't add too many or the oil will lose too much heat.
Let them get a nice crisp on the first side. Leave them longer than you think you need to. Then, flip. They should stay together and flip easily if you've left them long enough. If not.... don't flip them yet!
Take them out when they're crispy on the second side, and then put them on a cooling rack that's on top of a paper-towel-covered cookie sheet. This way they don't sit in their own grease.
Eat with mango chutney if you're feeling snazzy, or in a pita with some veggies. Delish.

Last night, we went to see the Dark Knight which was awesome and terrifying and amazing all at the same time. Then, we went to Pommes Frites for a nutritious dinner of french fries and sauce. I had the Irish Curry, which is the best sauce possibly....ever. Jesse had Lemon-Dill Mayo. Also yummy. THEN, we caught the Dessert Truck in Astor Place, which was exciting because until last night, it was basically something I'd heard about from others, but never seen, because I went to school in the Bronx, now live in outer Brooklyn, and work in Midtown. Not where the Dessert Truck hangs out. But I've now had one of the top-5 BEST Creme Brulee's in my life, from a truck on the side of the street. (FYI: of the other 4, 1 was at French Roast and 3 were in Paris.)

In all, last night was basically perfect. I had 3 of my 4 favorite food groups -- Potatoes, Brown, and Dessert (the other group? Beer.) That's right. Potatoes. Brown food (like bread and chocolate). And Dessert (does this need a qualifier?) In a gorgeous city on a gorgeous night with my wonderful boyfriend.

I hit it. :)

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  1. "brown food"?!? love it! can "clear food" be one for me? gin, vodka, white wine.....