In which we Break with Tradition

I haven't written about breakfast in this blog. This is mostly because I don't cook breakfast except on the weekends, and I haven't been able to cook breakfast on weekends lately because I have been working 7 days a week. Or going to brunch. Heh.

Today, however, I made breffiss.

I love making breakfast. I think it's the best meal ever, mostly because the things that I like are simple, and taste delicious. For example, today I made biscuits, eggs, and bacon. I was always a little mystified by bacon and by biscuits, because they both stem from a skill set that I didn't seem to possess, or wasn't taught -- my dad always cooked the bacon (or my mom) and the only biscuits I'd ever had were out of a Pillsbury tube. But I've always wanted to make them on my own -- I don't believe that you have to be Southern, or be taught by your grandmother, to make these. I am neither. However, I can make a damn good pie crust. And since basically, biscuits and pie crust are similar processes, with the rubbing in of the flour and stuff, I decided that dammit, I could do it.

I've made these biscuits a bunch of times, and I have to say thank you to Alton Brown for this amazing recipe. I really think that anyone could make these biscuits. Today I made them with low water, high fat content butter instead of regular salted butter (I don't believe generally in unsalted butter). They were flakier, and lighter and more delish than ever.

Here are a few quick pictures before I have to go to work.

When I cook eggs, I generally have a lot of concern about breaking the yolk on the fip, so I do sunny-side up eggs mostly. Until I realized that by covering your pan with a pie plate, you can use conduction or convection or whatever to cook the tops of the eggs without flipping them!!

And this is what the plate looked like with my eggs, biscuits, and bacon. Yummmm!!!

Enjoooyyyyy your day!


  1. What I get no credit for helping with the bacon?

    btw, the biscuits were f*ing amazing this time. I'm going to miss them when we're no longer roomies. And I'm not really happy that that day is approaching so rapidly.

  2. You most certainly do get credit. You advised brilliantly and are teaching me about the finer parts of not burning bacon. I am eternally grateful.