In which let's face it.... life is pretty good.

Wednesday night, I made the parmesan-crusted chicken breasts. One big issue with it was that the recipe called for dredging in flour, egg, breadcrumb/parm combination. I have not had the means or ....moolah to buy the basic staples of life yet (flour, sugar, cornmeal, brown sugar...) so I had to double up on the breadcrumbs and nix the flour. The meal was delicious anyways. On top of the thin-pounded, breaded and cheesed chicken breasts, was a salad of mixed greens and citrus vinaigrette (don't get scared, it just means lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper). I threw shaved parmesan on top, and called it dinner.

Thursday we were supposed to have mussels, because it would be quick and easy and since we were moving everything we own out of our basement and into our living room so that our owner could tile our basement floor. We're still waiting, in all honesty, for that to be finished. But at any rate, Whole Foods was out of mussels, so we had to let it go. Soup and sammiches it was.
Friday we were out being crazyfolk, and missed out on dinner, but that was in the plan. Saturday we ended up missing dinner but not as planned -- we got invited to go hang out with some friends and play Monopoly, which was really fun, and ended up lasting until we got home at 4am.

Sunday, we had pizza on the grill. Pizzas made with Whole Foods pizza dough, and olive oil steeped with red chili flake and dried basil, mozzarella, tomatoes, pepperoni, shallots and garlic.

Tonight we're having a bit of a splurge, which I'll write about later. Also hopefully, I'll be posting pictures of last night and Wednesday night's dinners later tonight. Because I took them. I swear!!!


  1. Ooo, I am dying to know what the splurge is!

  2. Did you steal my "pizza on the grill" idea?

  3. I absolutely did steal your "pizza on the grill" idea. Let's share secrets at the Cape, after the obligatory night at Cap'n Frosty's, yes?

  4. sounds like a plan. Beer or Marqueritas?