Eggs on Toast and Eddie on Dvd

I have to say, I have been cooking a lot lately. Sunday night - roast chicken, risotto, overnight cinnamon roll prep. Lovely, lovely. Monday night - lentil soup, quiche, ciabatta bread that didn't really....ciabatt. Two out of three ain't too shabby. Tuesday night - yummy cheeseburgers with the cheese on the inside. Sneaky and quite yum.
So tonight, what my heart wanted was something that no one else was going to eat. When dogs wake you up at 4am peeing on their beds, and work is hard, and there's really no point in making a fuss, sometimes you just need something that you alone love.
Scrambled eggs and toast - I love really soft scrambled eggs, almost to the point of being undercooked. Shredded cheddar cheese, toasty rye bread, lots of butter.... yumtastic.

And now, lounging on the couch watching Eddie Izzard, feeling better than I did before. And really...that's the whole point of cooking for myself, I feel.

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